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If you are medically unable to work for longer than 15 weeks, you may qualify for Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits. The University’s LTD plan provides income protection if you develop a serious illness, are injured, or have an accident that prevents you from working.

U of T employees over the age of 65 are not eligible to receive LTD benefits.

How to apply

LTD benefits are not automatic. You must apply.

About seven weeks into your sick leave, Health & Well-being will send you an LTD kit, which includes two application forms:

  1. One is to be completed by you
  2. One is to be completed by your physician

You must submit both forms to Sun Life Financial (which is the University’s LTD provider). Sun Life will review your application and either approve or decline your claim.

Approval of your claim

If Sun Life approves your LTD claim, you will receive 70% of your regular salary, to a maximum of $87,500 per year (for faculty members and librarians, the maximum is $105,000 per year). For example, if you earn $50,000 per year, you will receive $35,000 in LTD benefits.

Your premiums for extended health and dental coverage will be deducted from your LTD payments. The University will waive your group life insurance premiums, LTD premiums, and pension contributions. If you are a union member, your fees are waived.


While you are on LTD, Sun Life and the University of Toronto expect you to make reasonable efforts to:

  • Recover from your illness, including participating in treatment or rehabilitation programs
  • Inform Sun Life of significant changes to your medical condition
  • Actively work towards returning to work
  • Accept reasonable offers of modified employment
  • Inform Sun Life if you return to your job, or to any other job

To remain eligible for LTD benefits, Sun Life will ask you to provide medical and personal updates.

Returning to work

Once your doctor clears you to return to work, Sun Life and Health & Well-being will work with you to plan your return. The plan may involve a gradual return to work schedule, workplace accommodations, and a return to work meeting.

The University will hold your position open for up to 24 months while you are on LTD. After 24 months, the University can release your position. If you are later deemed medically fit to return to work, the University will work with you to try to find another position at the University.

Inability to return to your job

If you remain totally disabled from performing any job for longer than 24 months, you may be eligible to continue to receive LTD benefits.

At any time while you are receiving LTD benefits, the University or Sun Life may ask you to apply for CPP Disability benefits.

Health & Well-being staff are available to answer questions about the LTD process at the University of Toronto.