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You may be eligible for up to 15 weeks of paid leave if you cannot work because of illness or injury. To qualify, you must be a staff-appointed employee, you must have completed your probationary period, and your absence must be supported by medical documentation.

If you cannot report to work because you are sick or injured, notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Tell your supervisor the estimated date of your return to work.

Medical reports

Absences due to illness must be supported by medical documentation. With advanced notice, the University can ask you to provide a doctor’s note that certifies your inability to work.

Health & Well-being (HWB) will send you a medical report form after you have been absent for 10 working days or longer.

If you know in advance you will be absent for 10 working days or longer due to a medical condition, contact Health & Well-being. They will send you a medical report form immediately.

The report must be completed by a physician; you are responsible for returning the it to Health & Well-being.

An HWB case manager will review the completed report to determine whether your sick leave is medically substantiated and will then communicate its decision to you and to your department. If the sick leave is not medically supported, you may not qualify for sick leave pay.

Your absence must be continually supported during a long sick leave. HWB may ask you to provide updated medical reports throughout your sick leave.

Returning to work

Once your doctor clears you to return to work, a Health & Well-being case manager will help plan your return to work. The plan may involve a gradual return schedule, workplace accommodations, and a return to work meeting.

Health & Well-being holds your personal medical information in confidence. Health & Well-being does not disclose specific illnesses, symptoms, treatments, or the identity and specialization of treatment providers with departments, human resources, unions, or professional associations, except to the extent required or permitted by law. We routinely only share non-medical information, such as restrictions, limitations, prognoses, and dates of upcoming medical appointments.

Unionized employees are encouraged to review the appropriate sections in their collective agreements.